J. Cole to release 2 Albums? Here is what we Know



J. Cole is releasing two albums conspiracy thread:

On April 16th, J. Cole made the announcement that he would release his new album, KOD, which stands for three things: Kids on Drugs, King Overdose & Kill Our Demons. Along with questioning a cryptic title name, people also wondered if he would do a three peat of no features.

J. Cole to release 2 Albums? Here is what we Know


Two days later at 1PM CT, J. Cole reveals the answer by releasing the album cover and track list, which displayed the only featured artist under the name “kiLL Edward” on two different songs.

J. Cole to release 2 Albums? Here is what we KnowJ. Cole to release 2 Albums? Here is what we Know

The immediate question asked was “Who is kiLL Edward”? An immediate Google search at the time led to no results. However, after some other research, on Soundcloud gave us an artist with the same name design and, at the time, had 6 followers.

J. Cole to release 2 Albums? Here is what we Know

There was one song posted titled “tidal wave (Just a little reference)”. This is the track below:

So the first thing to immediately notice is that kiLL Edward sounds awfully familiar. That’s because kiLL Edward is J. Cole with a lower voice. It’s called “Just a Reference” so we as listeners get an preintroduction to the concept of Edward. So here is where it gets interesting:

If we go back to the track list, the only two tracks you can see kiLL Edward on two tracks titled “The Cut Off”, and “FRIENDS”. If Edward is Cole with a lower voice, why is he called kiLL Edward? This is because Edward is Cole’s alter-ego, and the goal is for Cole to kiLL him.

J. Cole to release 2 Albums? Here is what we Know

Why does Jermaine want to kiLL Edward you may ask? Well, it’s all described in the album artwork. It’s clear that the cover represents a hallucinogenic trip with Cole as the king and drugged up children. And the track list cover has many different drugs with more high children.

This relates to the album titles “Kids on Drugs”, remiscent of the drugged up children; “King Overdose”, which displays a dangerously drugged up Cole with a robe and crown; and “Kill our Demons”, what seems to be kiLL Edward’s role in the album. Basically, Edward is the demon.

The album cover also says “This album is in no way meant to glorify addiction” – which pretty much confirms this album is going to talk about all of the emotions ranging from euphoria, danger, happiness and sadness when it comes to drug usage. This follows up to my next point:

The first song with kiLL Edward titled “The Cut Off” will describe the first mental challenge people feel when cutting themselves off drugs. This will be Cole rapping about cutting himself off and Edward (the lower voiced Cole, as his thoughts) challenging him to continue drugs.

The second song with kiLL Edward titled “FRIENDS” will describe that Edward (the demon that encourages drug usage) is so intertwined in Cole’s thoughts (Cole representing the minds of kids) that they are like friends and cannot be separated.

So now that we know about who kiLL Edward is and what his role is, how does this mean Cole will release a second album? This is where it will all make sense:

There are two songs after “FRIENDS”, titled “Window Pain (Outro)”, and “1985 (Intro To The Fall Off)”. We’ll get to 1985, but first “Window Pain (Outro)”:

The title “Window Pain (Outro)”, clearly states that this song is going to be the conclusion to the album, as there is a song titled “Intro” at the beginning of the album. This song will detail the pain of drug abuse and how, unless you beat your demons, you will always struggle.

This will also detail the two of the album’s three titles, “Kids on Drugs” – a story on how drugs affect the children, and “Kill our Demons” – how people will always continue to struggle with drug abuse unless we kill our demons, in this case, Edward is the demon.

The last song titled “1985 (Intro to The Fall Off)”, is where everything makes sense. 1985 is the year King Jermaine Cole was born. This is where the third album titled comes into play, “King on Drugs”, is about J. Cole’s struggles the past three years since 2014 FHD was made.

J. Cole has already discussed his issues with depression on DJ Khaled’s album, his struggles in upbringing and surroundings throughout 4 Your Eyez Only and his verse on Logic’s album. This song will be detailing all of his struggles with his demons over the past 3 years.

And this is why it’s called “1985 (Intro to The Fall Off)”, because he recognizes that those demons can be beaten, and that this is “The Fall Off” from the demons he’s been fighting for the past three years.

This means there will be a new turn for Jermaine, and that he will be going back to his roots, as he clearly demonstrated through his incredible verse on “Boblo Boat”. This will be his last album of no features, which he has done because only he can describe his 3 year thoughts.

And this is why it says “Intro to The Fall Off”, because that is the lead up track to a whole other album that Jermaine will release which will see him return to his older ways of Born Sinner and 2014 Forest Hills Dr. that demonstrates he has beaten his demons.

This album showed how Kids on Drugs can affect any kid if in the wrong environment or place in life. It even led to the King on Drugs, and the only way to beat this epidemic is to Kill Our Demons. Which he did successfully.

Whether Jermaine will actually release another album after this one is yet to be seen, this is just a conspiracy. But one thing is for sure: The real is back, the Ville is back!


Source @riamdaniel Twitter

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