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Your Evil Reign Has Come To An End “Son Of Lucifer” – OAP Da’ O-Square Fires Back Naira Marley

Your Evil Reign Has Come To An End “Son Of Lucifer” – OAP Da’ O-Square Fires Back Naira Marley

Wave FM 91.7 OAP and ex Inspiration FM Lagos top voice went hard on Controversial musician Naira Marley calling him out over the violent ridden video for “As E dey go” Marley’s latest single.

He opined that Naira is the son of Lucifer and was sent from the pit of hell by Lucifer to mislead the youths of Nigeria through a post on his page on Twitter and Instagra

The Marlian president responded via his Twitter asking if the Port Harcourt based OAP, Olalekan Da’ O-square was a rapist.

Now the OAP in a lengthy but sharp write up schooled Naira Marley and took him to the cleaners assuring him his reign will soon end.

He wrote:

“Yes! I insist lucifer sent you to Nigeria to destroy the youths, but you will fade off and be forgotten like you never came in the first place”

“You asked if I was a rapist right? No I am not. Let me school you: I am Olalekan Da O’square, a Nigerian On air media Personality, leggit in all my dealings. I am not an ex convict, bad influence, fraudster , Yahoo boys influencer, drug addict and president of uneducated riffraffs, soapy gangster like you who prides in having been arrested 124 times in the UK, everyday is for the useless and one day, your cup go full, government go “gbab” for real!

A successful radio Personality who has worked and still work with well known established acts from Eedris Abdulkareem, 2 Face, Timaya down to this generation, before you came and up until now I boldly say non has misled the youths like you have done

Seat back and see why your fame will fade like water that dries up immediately after an heavy rainfall 👇

You will carry the curse of all Yahoo boys you have encouraged and who may have lost their lives based on your Ill advise

Your Evil Reign Has Come To An End “Son Of Lucifer” – OAP Da’ O-Square Fires Back Naira Marley

He then continue blasting him saying;

You are not the first to bring evil influence on the youths, they have all come and gone and soon your reign will be smashed, the time is Now bruv, trust me I am speaking the minds of several Nigerians

The NBC will bring down that nasty video on our visual cable channels, where you alledged trying to fight Rape, yet you are encouraging rage, violence, burning humans beings, bloodshed, how can you boldly break bottles and have “awon omo ale” killing and maiming in a video and claim you are fighting Rape? Same way you demonically brought soapy as a solution to rape

Naira Marley, the end of your wicked and demonic influence on the youths of my nation using music as a tool is here and if you don’t desist, you will face the wrath of heaven

By the way, how can a man who claim big booty is better than a masters degree not be arrested for societal misconduct? It shows how low your reasoning capacity is. Unfortunately, Nigerians celebrate Stark illiterates like you, trust me, you will become history soon as your highly fetticious music will no longer be Melody to the ears of those who may have been caught in the web

Naira Marley will reign and fade off in a twinkle and the time is NOW!

This sure are trying moments for the Controversial Nigerian act.